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12 April 2024

11 April 2024

4 April 2024

  • 16:3116:31, 4 April 2024 diff hist +442 N AmoeboidCreated page with "amoeboid forms description the late trophozoite of pvivax becomes more solid but with an irregular form that is said to resemble an amoeba with extended processes. other features of the species will also be detected. species significance a fairly specific feature of pvivax that is helpful to indicate this diagnosis. the form develops as the parasites mature and early signs may be seen in early trophozoites. additional images"

1 April 2024

  • 20:1420:14, 1 April 2024 diff hist +2,301 N Plasmodium vivax: MorphologyCreated page with ". distribution p.vivax is generally considered a parasite of central and south america india and the low frequency of the duffy antigen that facilitates the entry of p.vivax into erythrocytes means that this malaria species has lower frequency in africa. aside from this however plasmodium vivax infection occurs across the widest geographic area of all the human malarias extending well into temperate climates. this behaviour is enabled by the dormant stag..."
  • 20:1120:11, 1 April 2024 diff hist −9 Plasmodium falciparum: MorphologyNo edit summary

24 March 2024

23 March 2024

  • 21:3121:31, 23 March 2024 diff hist +931 N Red cell sizeCreated page with "red. cell size description characteristic changes to. red. cell size and. shape occur during parasite development from a. relatively early stage of. parasite development the. very earliest trophozoites may. not. show these features * p..emalariae red. cells remain round and. are. often small in. size * p..efalciparum red. cells unchanged in. size may. become crenated * p..eovale red. cells generally become enlarged and. ovoid may. become fimbriated * p..evivax..."
  • 21:2721:27, 23 March 2024 diff hist +776 N Maurer's dots and cleftsCreated page with "Maurer maurer's dots and clefts Description: These are blue-grey dots or linear structures contained within erythrocytes infected by the late trophozoites of P.falciparum and represent modification of the red cell by the parasite. The structures differ from the dot in p.vivax or p.ovale since they are few in number you could imagine being able to count them (in the unlikely case that you wanted to). They are not seen in early trophozoites. Species significance: T..."
  • 21:2621:26, 23 March 2024 diff hist +288 N Stained correctlyCreated page with "description staining: more alkaline than normal films is recommended for malaria parasite evaluation - irrespective of colour preference this makes parasites more visible compared with the grey of the surrounding red cells and makes some structures such as cytoplasmic dots more visible."

19 March 2024

18 March 2024

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