Gene affected:
WT1 - Wilms tumor protein 1

Clinical significance
WT1 mutations have unclear prognostic implications at this time, although there is some evidence that WT1 mutation is associated with poorer outcomes in AML. Clinical trials are in early phases using WT1 as a target for vaccines.

Function of gene

WT1 interacts with a variety of other proteins, including TP53, which WT1 stabilizes and plays a role in preventing apoptosis. It also interacts with TET epigenetic modifiers in acute myeloid leukemias

NGS panel gene coverage

Exons 7, 8, 9


AML (~10%)
Some studies report decreased overall survival and relapse free survival especially in AML with a normal karyotype
Biphenotypic leukaemias (20%)
No clear prognostic implications recognised at this time
T-ALL (~10%)
No clear prognostic implications recognised at this time

Associated genetic features: associated with FLT3-IHD and CEPBA mutations in AML.


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