Index of lymphocytes based on morphological appearances


These disorders have quite variable morphology, the drawn images below give a guide to some typical appearances,

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B-lineage lymphocytes

  • Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
  • Mantle cell lymphoma
  • B-prolymphocytic leukaemia
  • Follicular lymphoma (FCL)

  • Myeloma and plasma cell leukaemia
  • Lymphoplasmacytoid lymphoma
  • Hairy cell leukaemia (HCL)
  • Marginal zone lymphomas (MZL)

  • Reactive lymphocytes
  • Polyclonal B-lymphocytosis

  • T & NK lineage lymphocytes

  • Adult T cell leukaemia lymphoma
  • Sézary cells
  • LGL disorders
  • T-prolymphocytic leukaemia small cell variant

  • T-prolymphocytic leukaemia