Immunophenotypic diagnosis of lymphoplasmacytoid cells


The following markers may be helpful in LPL diagnosis:

1. Antigens associated with plasma cell differentiation (often only expressed by a sub-population of cells): CD38 and CD138 co-expression is the most common pattern, but less frequently than for plasma cells

2. Antigens expressed as part of the B-cell receptor will generally be present: CD19 and K/L,

3. Antigens associated with B-cell activation will generally be present: CD11c, CD25, FMC7

4. Antigens that are most frequently absent or weakly expressed: CD5, CD103, CD23

Note Where markers are atypical consider other diagnoses: click for summary


Reports will read: Cells in this sample have the immunophenotypic characteristics of lymphoplasmacytoid cells. This population comprises x% of cells. In this case the characteristic markers are: x, y, z. This should be correlated with clinical and biochemical testing. Molecular tests may be helpful in this disorder.