This part of the site is presently being assembled to help people in the early stage of diagnosis to understand the diagnostic process and give some help as to what happens next.

I have been told I need a “bone marrow test”. What does this mean and what will happen?

The bone marrow is where blood cells are made. If there is a problem with the blood then often doctors will need to perform tests on the bone marrow to find out the cause of any problems. Many different tests can be performed, and simply having the test performed does not mean that there is a problem however being told that you need a bone marrow test can be worrying.

There are websites that can help.

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This site is from Cancer Research UK - a leading Cancer Charity dealing with many aspects of cancer. The information here can help explain what a bone marrow test involves: CLICK HERE FOR: Cancer Research UK - information about bone marrow examination

Where can I get more information about my cancer?

There are many websites that can help you find all the information you need about your cancer.

It is important however that you look at the information for your own diagnosis, your doctor can help guide you to this, but then consider the following websites developed for patients by leading UK organisations. The sites cover signs and symptoms, treatment options, tests and diagnosis, side effects of treatment and more.

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1. Bloodwise is a UK Charity specialising in providing information, treatment, and research into blood cancers. Go to Bloodwise Site

2 Macmillan is a UK Charity supporting patients with blood cancer or other types of cancer. Macmillan main website

I have been told that I don't need treatment for may cancer - why is this?

It is often a surprise to patients when they are told that they have a cancer, but that it does not require immediate treatment. This is often called the “watch and wait” strategy. Understandably you may find this worrying.

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This site (provided by Bloodwise) gives excellent background and advice: Bloodwise: advice about "watch and wait"