Clinical Examples: echinocytes


Clinical Image 1

A very nicely formed echinocyte whose 3-D spicules can be appreciated across the surface as well as the perimeter of the cell. There are other abnormalities here most obviously the tear drop poikilocytes and fragments. Clinical disorder: myelofibrosis

'Clinical Image 2:

Echinocytes at a range of different developmental stages from almost normal through to dense and contracted – in this case an artefact of a poorly fixed slide. Clinical disorder: none (artefact)

Clinical Image 3:

Echinocytes, fragmented erythrocyte forms, polychomasia and microspherocytes, platelets are absent. Clinical disorder: macroangiopathic anaemia (thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura) with accompanying renal failure.

Clinical Image 4:

A single echinocyte (upper left of field), but note here the context with spherocytes, target cells, red cell fragments and a cell containing a single Howell Jolly body. Clinical disorder: Beta thalassaemia post-splenectomy